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Game Day Volunteers

Our Games Are Run By Volunteers

As a club sport, we are responsible for providing all the resources to make our home games run smoothly, from operating the scoreboard to scoring and announcing the game. None of that happens without parent volunteers -- we need your help.

In addition to supporting our team, though, volunteering is actually an enjoyable and informative way to experience a game. There's no better way to understand the sport of lacrosse than helping to run a game.

Here are the roles we need to fill for every Varsity and JV game:

On-Field Roles

Role Home/Away Description Detailed Guidance
Scorekeeper ALL Maintains detailed statistics during the game Scorekeeping Manual
Spotter ALL Helps the scorekeeper keep track of the action during the game
Penalty Box Operator HOME Keeps track of exactly when players are allowed to re-enter play from the penalty box Instructions
Photographer ALL Takes action photos during the game

Pressbox Roles

Role Home/Away Description Detailed Guidance
Scoreboard Operator HOME Runs the game scoreboard from the pressbox Scoreboard Manual
Announcer HOME Provides running commentary over the PA system Helpful documents
Videographer ALL Records and uploads the game film